Environmental Safety Products

Absorbents and other Spill Products

From absorbent pads to booms, SIS is the one source for your spill needs.  Whether you are dealing with oils, acids, or bases, SIS can customize spill kits for your specific work environment.  With free delivery available, count on SIS for fast, courteous service.

Locally-Blended Degreasers

SIS locally blends a variety of degreasers to meet your specific need.   Customizing degreasers provide our clients with properly concentrated products.  Clients would no longer need to dilute degreasers.  SIS installs proportioner systems that allows for a set dilution rate, free of charge, removing the guessing work for your employees.  SIS provides free delivery and free empty drum pickup, and competitive pricing on all our aqueous and solvent-based degreasers.